CITYPOD Commercial & Institutional Composters

Urban composting CITYPOD

Composting Municipal Waste

Municipal curbside collection of organics can be composted locally in CITYPOD composters.

Composting in Prisons

Composting in Prisons

Reduce hauling trucks transit for increased security. Don't haul it, compost food waste inside prison walls with CITYPOD composter.

University composting CITYPOD

Composting in Universities

Many students eating on your campus, CITYPOD composter will compost all your food waste.

Hospital composting Neter

Composting in Hospitals

Sanitation is important? CITYPOD composters allow clean, sanitized and odorless composting operations.

Mining camp composting CITYPOD

Remote Camp Catering

No hauling back, no bears, no hastle, feed it to environmentally friendly CITYPOD composters.

Restaurant Citypod

Composting in Restaurants

You serve more than 350 meals per day? CITYPOD composters values your food waste on-site. No smell, no hauling, no cold room waste storage.

Choose your CITYPOD composter model

CITYPOD Composter

Every CITYPOD composter can be made to specific requirements. The food waste treatment capacity of the CITYPOD composter is matched to the volume of organic waste you want to compost.

CITYPOD composters may also be fitted with a variety of options for loading, inspection, shredding and odor mastering system.

From Waste to Value Compost

Value Food Waste with CITYPOD composter

Transform Your Organic Waste Into Compost Asset

Don't let your profits be hauled away, CITYPOD composter handles waste locally for your benefit.

It's not trash, it's your money, don't waste it.

Eco friendly composting of organics with CITYPOD composter is more than a green initiative, it's changing your mind set and giving value to organic matter.

Odor Buster Odor Destroyer Vertal

Get a Real Odor Destroyer with Vertal Odor Mastering System

Heard about compost smell horror stories, don't let your neighbors complain about composting odors.

Vertal will bring happiness to your senses with the compost odor mastering system. Yes now composting smells good.